Coastal Custom Cutting Works Weekends to Assist Oilfield Service Provider with Urgent Request


2016 – Houston, TX Mark Kulisek, President of Coastal Custom Cutting was contacted by a Project Manager for a leading provider of oilfield services on Friday around 5:30 PM. The Project Manager needed a rush order of 500, 12” long flat bars for an artificial lift tool used to extract oil from the ground; all of which needed to be completed and delivered onsite by Monday morning. The Project Manager expressed his displeasure with his previous vendor which had “dropped the ball” leaving them in what seemed like a hopeless situation that could cause extreme downtime.

Being late Friday evening, Mark had already left the office and was heading out of town, he quickly contacted his team by phone to discuss the project. The Coastal Custom Cutting team immediately jumped at the opportunity, returning to the shop to begin reviewing the specs and drawings, determining what they had in stock, and ultimately confirming their capabilities to produce and deliver the product as needed within 2 days.

Working the majority of Sunday, the team at CCC had successfully cut all 500 knife blades to the requested specs and delivered, as promised, quality craftsmanship. The entire order was delivered and onsite for the client early Monday morning. The Project Manager, amazed, expressed a great deal of gratitude. Since then CCC has received all the clients plate processing orders.

CCC came together as a team providing a step-by-step process which allowed them to overcome stringent time restraints while excepting the weekend challenge and exceeding all expectations. The CCC team proved they are willing to put in the additional time, energy and effort to assist clients with urgent needs.


About Coastal Custom Cutting

About Coastal Custom Cutting: Coastal Custom Cutting is a leading quality plate processor of carbon, stainless and aluminum; we offer oxy fuel and plasma cutting, metal/steel fabrication, drilling, forming, beveling and rolling. CCC’s cutting and plate processing services serves Houston and the entire Gulf Coast Region.

Coastal Custom Cutting believes that outstanding customer service coupled with precision cutting and fabrication is what sets their company and services apart from the rest. CCC has the old-world fabrication skills with new-world cutting edge technology; the shop is upgraded with all the latest machinery and has a team of experts to handle even the projects that other shops won’t take.

CCC is ISO Certified which speaks to how the team provides only quality craftsmanship. CCC also provides project delivery times that are faster than most shops expedited times. Dedicated and available 24/7; the team will work Saturday’s and Sunday’s for clients that have last-minute urgent needs or to simply get projects out quicker. By exceeding expectations, Coastal Custom Cutting can handle any quantity, provide exceptional quality, quick delivery and unparalleled communication throughout the entire process.

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