W&W Flame Cutting and Fabrication, A Gulf Coast Quality Plate Processor of Carbon, Stainless and Aluminum, Announces Corporate Name Change to Coastal Custom Cutting


HOUSTON, TX, July 27, 2017 – W&W Flame Cutting and Fabrication – a Gulf Coast provider of plate processing, drilling, forming, beveling and rolling – announces they will be changing their corporate name to Coastal Custom Cutting. The name change reflects the company’s broader commitment to service and expertise’s in driving new innovative solutions to shape the future of plate processing by providing the latest technology, faster lead times, quality and service expansion.

“The new name – Coastal Custom Cutting – allows us to emphasize our wide-ranging business objectives around changing the way cutting, drilling, forming, beveling and rolling is delivered to industrial products providers. We’re committed to delivering products on time, exceeding expectations, offering competitive pricing, handling vast quantities and providing quality and integrity,” said Mark Kulisek, President of Coastal Custom Cutting. “As a company with its roots in plate processing, we are committed to delivering breakthrough products and services that will help connect all the points in the plate processing continuum.”

Coastal Custom Cutting still includes the company’s precision oxy fuel and plasma cutting capabilities, which have provided organizations throughout the Houston and Gulf Coast area for over 50 years with industry-leading plate processing services. Mr. Kulisek announced this year that in conjunction with the

name change and rebranding initiatives, the company has rolled out some of the industries newest machinery and technology which will increase quality and capabilities surrounding quantity. The shop upgrades also allow CCC to deliver on all requested lead times while striving to exceed most shops expedited turnaround times.

“We know nine out of ten consumers main concern is on product quality with quick turnaround,” said Kulisek.  “To that end, we will continue to provide exceptional quality and we will put in the work needed to always deliver on time or even quicker than expected; we promise clients won’t experience downtime or any loss of productivity.”

The new name is effective immediately, and will be implemented across the company’s products and services for 2017.


About Coastal Custom Cutting:

Coastal Custom Cutting is a leading quality plate processor of carbon, stainless and aluminum; we offer oxy fuel and plasma cutting, metal/steel fabrication, drilling, forming, beveling and rolling. CCC’s cutting and plate processing services serves Houston and the entire Gulf Coast Region.

Coastal Custom Cutting believes that outstanding customer service coupled with precision cutting and fabrication is what sets their company and services apart from the rest. CCC has the old-world fabrication skills with new-world cutting edge technology; the shop is upgraded with all the latest machinery and has a team of experts to handle even the projects that other shops won’t take.

CCC is ISO Certified which speaks to how the team provides only quality craftsmanship. CCC also provides project delivery times that are faster than most shops expedited times. Dedicated and available 24/7; the team will work Saturday’s and Sunday’s for clients that have last-minute urgent needs or to simply get projects out quicker. By exceeding expectations, Coastal Custom Cutting can handle any quantity, provide exceptional quality, quick delivery and unparalleled communication throughout the entire process.

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